Introducing the Positivity List!

Ever found yourself trapped in a loop of negative thoughts, especially under pressure? We’ve got a simple yet powerful solution for you: The Positivity List. 📝

What’s it about?
It’s an index card (physical or virtual) where you jot down 8 topics that bring you joy. It could be memories, upcoming events, or even imaginative scenarios.

Why it’s a game-changer?
Research shows that thinking of pleasurable events requires effort. But with this list, you can easily shift your mindset. Just 6 minutes with your Positivity List can uplift your spirits, making challenges more manageable.

How to use it?
Create your list with 8 joyous topics.
Set reminders for the next 5 days at different times.
Spend 6 minutes with your list during each reminder.
Reflect on the impact it has on your mood and mindset.

Whether using it as a daily relaxation tool or a beacon during tough times, the Positivity List is your pocket-sized dose of positivity. 🌈

For more such practices, dive into our book “I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge“.

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